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สี่เส้า Love Is 2015 DVDRIP

Genre: Thai Movie
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Thai Movie – สี่เส้า Love Is 2015 DVDRIP

Starring : Pongsakorn Metharikanon, Thanuntorn Neerasingh, Wendy Wong

[ พงศกร เมตตาริกานนท์, ธนันต์ธรญ์ นีระสิงห์, เวฟ คูเปยจง, เวนดี้ หว่อง ]

Director : Karanyapas Khamsin

การัณยภาส ขำสิน

Subtitle : None

Runtime : 94 Mins.

Release date : 7 October 2015

Story :

This is a story of Ah Wei and Kamal who fall in love with Ah Ching, a Chinese young lady who lives in a small Chinese Yunnan community. What love is like to them is presented to thoughts and actions taken by the two different characters that shared the same goal – winning her love.

Is love to give? Is love to sacrifice? Is love to possess?

Find a new definition of true love. “Love Is…” is a romantic thriller movie that will touch your heart and haunt you with tears


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