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Engsub มอ6/5 ปากหมาท้าผี 3 Make Me Shudder 3 (2015)

Genre: Thai Movie
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Download Engsub Indosub มอ6/5 ปากหมาท้าผี 3 Make Me Shudder 3 (2015)

Release Date : 17 Sep 2015

Language : Thai

Genre : Comedy, Horror

Classification : P13

Running Time : 91 Minutes

Director : Poj Apirut


Kunatip Pinpradub, Kittipat Samarntragulchai, Puvadol Vechwongsah, Rittichai Tasarika, Worachai Sirikongsuwan, Metakorn Supapuntaree, Witawas Tawkumleu, Brian Garton, Sirapob Manitikun, Surawich Reongyos, Puvarin Kenan, Sompong Kunapatom, Veeradit Srimalai, Nongbew Kaokong

Plot Synopsis

Make Me Shudder comrades went for a vacation at Phuket (Island) after they have been graduated from their high school. They settled their tents next to the beach. With their unluckiest fortune, a huge storm came in toward their beach. The gang moved into an abandoned hotel as their temporary shelter. They all slept over in a hotel room. Not so long, Nick woke up from a horrible dream of a Tsunami disaster making the rest of their gang woke up. The television displayed Tsunami news and the electricity then went off after the news ended. This time, everybody focused onto Nick if he insulted any ghost again. However, it is Net’s and Brian’s turn this time. They found themselves surrounded by wrapped dead bodies all over the hotel. They crawled through the dead bodies hoping to find an exit until they met 3 new friends who were also stuck at this hotel. Their new friends told an awful story of this vacant hotel. While they are telling the story, the ghosts came in and haunted on them. At the end, they successfully escaped from the miserable hotel and prayed to make merits for the dead people.


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