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[Engsub BL] Love To Our Youth: He Falls In Love With Him

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  • Also known as : 青春自拍團 – 愛上她的他 / 青春自拍团 爱上她的他 (Qīngchūn Zìpāi Tuán Ài Shàng Tā De Tā) / 青春自拍團 愛上她的他 (Qing Chun Zi Pai Tuan Ai Shang Ta De Ta) / He Fell In Love With Her Man
  • Genre : Romance, Amitié, Gay
  • Aired : 28 Mars 2016 au 1 Avril 2016
  • Network : Vidol
  • Number of episodes : 5
  • Average duration : 8 minutes per episode.
  • Cast : Jenny Huang, Deyn Li, Yorke Sun, Lyla Lin, Lin Yu Pin

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