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Engsub BL | Till Death Tear Us Apart 愉此一生

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Chinese Title: Originally (愉此一生), 1944锦城骄阳
English Title: Originally (Till Death Tear Us Apart), Love is in a Blaze
Original Work: 愉此一生 by 南枝
No. Episodes: 12
Release: March, 2017 (Please ignore dates on above poster – the release has been pushed until 2017)

Liu Yusheng originally was a young master from a rich landlord family. After graduating from university, he left the country to study abroad. When his grandfather passed away, his inheritance was taken away by the other family members. He had no choice but to move to an apartment and became a high school teacher. In the midst of hardships, he re-encountered a former classmate from his university days…

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