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Love And Lies ซีรีย์กลรักเกมมายา (2017) Ep.26 END

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Love And Lies ซีรีย์กลรักเกมมายา (2017) Complete Episodes

Details Love And Lies ซีรีย์กลรักเกมมายา (2017)

Country : Thailand

Airs : January 09, 2017 –

Episodes : –

TV : True4U

Also Known as: Gon rak game ma ya; What Lies Beneath;

Cast Love And Lies ซีรีย์กลรักเกมมายา (2017):

Jung Il Woo

Jiravechsoontornkul Wiraporn

McInnis David

Kunchanuj Kengkarnka

Synopsis Love And Lies ซีรีย์กลรักเกมมายา (2017)

“The lead actress will be Mild Weeraporn. Her character is a superstar who became famous in a flash.

Jung Il Woo will play Tim, the leader of PR team. He puts down scandals of his artists with lies, the scheme his mother kept preaching him not to do.

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