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[Engsub BL] Red Balloon 紅色氣球 Ep.3

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Download Engsub Taiwan BL Red Balloon 紅色氣球 Episode 3

Title :  紅色氣球 / Red Balloon

Genre: Romance, BL, School life

Episodes: ?

Debut : 10 May 2017 every Wed 10pm

Network: Online eg iqiyi

Duration: ?

Plot (translated from below) : Chen (Dawn) is a serious top student in school, both in studies and sports…..he thought everything will be smooth-going….until he meet Wan (Night) a carefree student. At 1st, dislike…later he developed feelings for Wan but Chen’s dad who is a gang leader found out….

They were in 2003 where they face opposition from their family, friends, classmates and their own self doubts. Will they love bravely?

Red Balloon = Red being the 1st colour in the rainbow….and Balloon being free….the 1st one to be free?

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Download Link Red Balloon 紅色氣球 Episode 3


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