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Korean BL ONE SUMMER NIGHT 어느 여름날밤에 (2017)

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One winter in 2013, Northern army Yong-joon and Jae-seong are having rough sex near the truce line. In the end, Yong-joon decides to run away to the South, leaving Jae-seong behind. He risks his life to step on the land of freedom and meets Tae-gyu. Although it’s been about 2 years since they met, Yong-joon misses the North. One day, Jae-seong comes over to the South and Yong-joon must decide between Jae-seong and Tae-gyu. This causes misunderstandings and puts them in pain..

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16 thoughts on “Korean BL ONE SUMMER NIGHT 어느 여름날밤에 (2017)”

      1. Gerald means that the parts they were having sex they were blurred/censored. Did they ever released uncensored/unblurred version?

  1. in the movie, at 49:12 and 49:13, if you watch in slow motion, you will see the actor Shin Won-Ho’s dick.

  2. so they really did it for real !!!! OMG…. Sometimes in some movie there are blur scene but behind there’s nothing they are just acting the viewer can only imagine what they are doing even though every one alredy know. Ididn’t thought that korean movie would be that explicit about those scene. But the movie was good even though the end just let me speeschless. XD

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