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[Engsub] 勢不可擋 Advance Bravery

Genre: Boys Love
Quality: Year: View: 10,234 views

Title : Shi Bu Ke Dang or Advance Bravery

Genre: Boys Love, Action, Romance, Drama

Director: Dragon

Date of Release: Unconfirmed. End of October or Start of November

Length: 35-40 Episodes [30 minutes each]

Additional Information

Advance Bravery or Shi Bu Ke Dang is a web drama based on the novel of the same name written by Chai Ji Dan.

The filming for the series has already finished. The entire novel was shot and there is about 12 hours of film, including the rated content.

Due to China’s law, the cut episodes for the series will be posted on Iqiyi and Youtube; uncut will be posted on Iqiyi Taiwan.


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