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[Engsub] Princess Hours Thailand Ep.20

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Drama Princess Hours Versi Thailand ini Alur ceritanya tidak jauh dengan yang versi korea dimana Cerita dalam drama ini mengisahkan kehidupan Cinta Sang Pangeran Mahkota dan Gadis rakyat jelata yang mana karena janji sang kakek, raja sebelumnya, ia ingin putera mahkota menikah dengan cucu sahabatnya. Janji itu harusnya dijalankan oleh raja sebelumnya, tapi karena raja sebelumnya meninggal, jadi raja yang sekarang harus menjalankan janji itu. Sang tokoh utama berasal dari keluarga biasa saja yang sedang mengalami kesulitan keuangan, meski sang gadis menolak, tapi pada akhirnya demi keluarganya ia bersedia menjadi puteri mahkota. Sang putera mahkota dan sang gadis sendiri bermusuhan karena suatu hal, jadi saat mereka menikah, mereka juga saling benci. Selain itu sang putera mahkota sendiri mencintai orang lain yang sempat ia lamar sebelum memutuskan menerima perjodohan, tapi ditolak dan kebetulan di dengar oleh gadis yang akan dijodohkan dengannya.

Princess Hours Thai is finally coming on April 25! The original 2006 kdrama Goong (Princess Hours) was is a favorite of mine, beautifully filmed and scored, with great leads. Hopefully the Thai version can keep the best scenes and improve on the weaknesses of the original, the boring political scheming and too long running time.

The original Korean drama Goong or Princess Hours was based off the Korean manhwa Goong by Park So-Hee. The Thai remake looks to be a remake based off the kdrama more so then the manhwa and is made by the same production company (Halo Productions) behind Full House and Kiss Me (both remakes of popular dramas).

The Prince – Some of you might recognize Tao Sattaphong from the Thai drama Kiss Me (the Thai version of It Started With a Kiss) or I Wanna Be a Superstar. He was the second lead in Kiss Me and I thought he was a natural, warm, but there was good chemistry too. I like the fact that’s he’s also not completely unknown, but not popular either. He looks kinda stiff in formal wear though.

The Princess – Pat or Pattie Ungsumalin was in 2013’s popular teen drama Hormones, and parody drama Namathaa Kammathep, but again like the male lead, she’s isn’t very well known now, yet that might very well change with Princess Hour

Other Characters:

There is an ex flame of the Prince, who gave him up to pursue a career in dance in the kdrama, as well as a kinder, gentler prince with a scheming mom with her eye on the throne who likes the our heroine. So far, it doesn’t look from the trailer that there’s much politics involved, but we’ll see.

So the basic story of the kdrama is that Korea has royals, and the prince is being pressured to marry. He proposed first to another girl (the other woman), but she turned him down so he just went along with his parents’ wishes to marry a common girl whose relative once had ties with the royal family.

The girl flat out refuses at first, but she’s practical enough to realize her family needs the money and so gives in. They marry, and the prince, who is aloof and arrogant, has to deal with this spirited, caring and impulsive girl. Of course, over the course of drama, they fall in love, but they have many challenges to overcome, as the glitter of royal life quickly pales for the heroine and there are also lots of political pitfalls as well.

The music is fantastic, great kisses too. There were also a fun grandma of the Prince whom our heroine becomes friendly with, and teddy bears! It was beautifully shot as well and was popular, so popular they extended the series to a total of 24 episodes. Ughhh! Not really necessary, but at least the extension didn’t completely ruin the drama], unlike in some cases. Due to the popularity of the kdrama, there was a spin off Prince Hours in 2007 and even Goong the Musical.


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