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[Engsub] มือปราบเจ้าหัวใจ Meu Brap Jao Hua Jai

Genre: Thai Drama
Quality: Year: View: 1,568 views

Many policemen vanished mysteriously after investigating the truth of an important case. The Drug Enforcement Investigation (DEA) couldn’t sit still about it anymore. They sent one of their own, the brilliance Captain Khanin Verote (Porche) who’s also a world-class hacker to work at the IT Department of Pongpol Foods Company Ltd, the company of a suspect involved in an international drug trade.

However, while investigating the case Captain Khanin end up falling deeply in love with Mintra (Kwan) who’s one of the suspects within the company. Mintra is a secretary of Khun Pongpol, The CEO of Pongpol Foods Company Ltd. How will Captain Khanin go about this mission? What will he chooses between his mission and his love mission? Is it possible for the two missions to go hand in hand?


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