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[Engsub] Project S The Series: Skate Our Souls Ep.4

Genre: Thai Drama
Quality: Year: View: 3,448 views

Project S The Series: Skate Our Souls (2017)
โปรเจกต์ เอส เดอะซีรีส์: SOS

Boo comes from a strict family, his grades aren’t promising. However, he has a problem, he is suffering from depression for a long time, also he doesn’t eat and sleep well, resulting in the cuts from his hands and leg. But one day he decides to commit suicide, but was stopped by a group of skaters (lead by Simon and Fern) and decides to join Simon and his gang. Adding on Boo has a good friend Doctor Bell to provide him all the positive advises that he needs. Can Boo overcome depression and all his


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