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Engsub Love’s Coming ใช่รักหรือเปล่า 2014 Dvdrip

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Thai Movie – Love’s Coming ใช่รักหรือเปล่า 2014 Dvdrip English Subtitle


Directed by : Naphat Chaithiangthum

Produced by : Naphat Chaithiangthum

Written by : Naphat Chaithiangthum

Starring : Swuttinut Uengtrakul, Norrapat Sakulsong, Korn Khunatipapisiri, Suraphat Kirivichien, Chanon Santinatornkul

Production company : Mungmee Productions

Distributed by Mungmee Productions

Release dates : 27 February 2014 (Thailand)

Running time : 1 hour 48 minutes 24 seconds

Country : Thailand

Language :Thai

Love’s Coming (Thai: Love’s Coming ใช่รักหรือเปล่า) is a 2014 Thai movie, starring Suttinut Uengtrakul and Norrapat Sakulsong. The movie’s director is Naphat Chaithiangthum. The film was filmed in 2013 and was released on 27 February 2014.

On 13 December 2014, it was revealed that the show production is undergoing filming on a sequel, Love’s Coming 2


The story reveals a strong friendship between Pid, Arm, Zee and Gump. Zee asks Gump to hangout several times, but the latter says he has a prior commitment with Nai every time. Thus the suspicion began. Zee and the other orchestrates several means to find out if their friend is in love with a man or not with the help of Uncle Lek who likes to be called Aunt Alexandra



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