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What The Duck The Series รักแลนดิ้ง Ep.20 END

Genre: Boys Love
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What The Duck The Series รักแลนดิ้ง Ep.20 END

The relationship of several couples who try to search for the meaning of the word ‘love’ which differ.

Pop and Mo, a young couple, in which the guy has dreams of becoming a steward, but Mo alone succeed to become one That makes the guy, Pop, have to reluctantly work in the Catering department of the airline instead. This is just to be near airplanes, his girlfriend, and the profession that hedreams of. He then finds that his definition of love changes when he meets Oat, a troublesome co-worker.

While working he becomes the one that people make fun of. “Necessary wife” is the position that he unhappily becomes because Oat likes to irritate and tease him often. Having to work together makes these two unintentionally become rivals in the workplace. Oat annoys Pop a lot, such that Pop doesn’t know what to do with him. But the relationship of this couple progresses from not liking each other’s faces to developing a close firm friendship before they realize it.

At the same time, Mo meets Nick, a handsome pilot trainee of the airline, who is very dedicated to her.

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