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[Engsub] บังเอิญรัก Love By Chance The Series Ep.6

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บังเอิญรัก Love By Chance The Series

Start May 27 2018

Only on Thai4u Channel

Love By Chance Series will have 2 seasons and each season is about 12 – 14 episodes long (Not confirmed yet). Those are information I received from the director a while ago, which things can be changed because the production is still ongoing.

This series comes from the LBC Novel. There are 2 booklets (plus one special book). Each booklet is about 450 pages or 40 chapters each. (Except the special book, which has 195 pages or 12 special chapters. They are all about the several years later after Aey-Pete and Tinn-Can graduated from the college and live their lives as adults).

So each season of LBC Series will cover about one booklet (About 40 chapters).

The side couples like Tum-Tarr and KengKla-Techno come from the other two novels that related from LBC. Khun MAME is the Novel author and also one of the scriptwriters for the LBC Series. She gave an interview that she wanted to write more detail about Tum-Tarr’s relationship. She didn’t leak anything else for everyone. It’s still the secret because in the novel that Tum-Tarr are in, don’t have much detail of this couple. Only mentions that they are blood-related.

Tharn-Type is also the main couples and Tum-Tarr is only a side story in that novel. But so far the production only introduced N’Earth (Perapat) as ‘Type’ (the Uke). And not yet released the ‘Tharn’ character, which is the key related to ‘Tum-Tarr’ because Tarr was Tharn’s Ex-boyfriend and Tum was Tharn’s high school friend. The breakup was terrible and Tarr had a mental problem after that. Tum was pretty mad with Tharn and blamed him for causing that.

In the special chapter of Tharn-Type Novel, it’s the stories of the seven years later, which Tarr becomes a big chef. He graduated from a French cooking college and came back to Thailand to work. And the novel doesn’t mention about Tum at all except he still gives Tarr a drive around.

So, if you hear or read anything more than this about Tum-Tarr then they are not from the novel. (Maybe from the Fan-Fic or Imagination).

Credits: (Tess, Love By Chance International)

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